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Homosexuality: the smugness of the mundane

Homosexuality: the smugness of the mundane

By Ayuk Tobias Oru


ove, hatred, fear, courage, ambition and so forth are all emotions. Human life is spiced by these emotions. They sometimes spur individuals to reach such heights which usually beat their inauguration if they were to act rationally, emotions blind the human mind, making him take sub-conscious visions for realities and urging him to venture into fields which are trodden only by the gods.

No emotion is rational due to its subjective nature. But rational and objective beings hardly climb the social ladder. So, many an ambitious youth would rather he chose the wrong side of life, if he must be among the cream of society. Riches, luxury, political power and so forth are all mundane cajoleries which bend the human mind to accept improprieties. No insignia is stuck on any of these cajoleries warning people of the danger. It is only when they are neck-deep that they see the other side of merry-making.

The recent publication of the names and photographs of alleged great homosexuals by the “Anecdote” publishing house, seems to have shaken the foundation of our social fabric. It is a true toss-up whether the personalities whom we so much revere and cherish in our community, are actually the right people to lead us, more particularly at this torrid weather of our political life. How can its leaders be so far from showing saintly examples? How can God listen to the cries of his children when demons lead them? This is where we find ourselves?

It is not today that this people started cursing and condemning this vice. But one question lingers in every mind: “Why do these healthy people get involved in homosexuality, an act condemned by God and man?” some day it is a cult for the ambitious individuals of our society. That could be the reason. But are all homosexuals rich? Isn’t it possible that some acquire riches and power at the behest of the passive majority?

Though slow, the chameleon still trembles before making the next stride. It is aware that the world has changed too fast. It therefore double whether it is stepping on the same ground which its parents had trodden. Our kids and kins are already living the electronic age, a life different from ours. By the turn of this century, many things will have happened if the trend of evolution goes unchecked. It is therefore our duty today to construct the right foundation on which our successors will build their life-style.

It is for this reason that no one fault any person or institution which aims at correcting the ills of our society and at putting our public mannerism on good railings. “Did Anecdote” do just that? The gospels at the pulpit and the discreet pieces of advice have not helped us modify the conduct of homosexuals. Perhaps exposure would do the trick. But criminals are like flies, the more you chase them the more they come. “Anecdote waged the war, but failed to proof its case in Court with Minister Owona Gregoire. But what of the rest?

For every true African, homosexuality is abominable; since it is in aberrance with the natural laws of existence. Though one can admit that man has so evolved that sexual intercourse is no more limited to reproduction, one cannot accept that man should make wrong use of his body. The laws of this land condemn homosexuality just like they condemn suicide. Even the bible which constitutes the core of western civilization condemns it in Leviticus 18:22.

What is therefore at fault with modern human reasoning? Have we reached the point whereby the law animals should remind mankind that God created sex organs for the holy use of reproduction? What has gone wrong with heterogeneous sexual intercourse, even if love should be played for love sake? These are questions which don’t find ready answers in our community. Certainly, those involved in this act are undergoing a mental crisis unknown to them.

No one is unaware that homosexuality is of the western culture and that it dates back from ancient times when the Greek and the Romans were trained to be selflessly patriotic and valiant at wars. The long secluded training created room for some queer intimate relationships with one another, which eventually exploded into homosexuality. But the African society had never developed such military training. Modern civilization must have exposed Africans to this repugnant idiosyncrasy.

Even then, one can understand why soldiers and monks develop a propensity for sodomy. One equally understands the case of lesbianism for reverent sisters and nuns who are camped for life. The urge to copulate is so strong an emotion to be subdued completely. The act can be the only safety valve for their sexual drive. But what do we say of the great personalities of this community who have everything at their leisure? Why do they practice so repugnant a vice, if not for mundane and demoniac reasons?

Many a voice has cried out that the publication of their names is improper and unpatriotic. To a large extent, this brings shame to the state. How could the people have allowed people with a soiled image to rule them? But our appointments in this country have never sought the opinions of people. The shame is neither on the people nor on the homosexuals. After all, no criminal feels ashamed, since he is aware that his crime will one day reveal him. Nothing is hidden under the sun. But can they now look at the faces of their partners and family-members?

The casualties of this publication are many and varied. Investigative journalism is quite commendable.

The only way of stamping out crime in our society is by exposing the criminals, though thought must be given as to the degree of causality and social damage. Much has been spent on investigating this case of homosexuality, a great social vice which could have a demographic effect in generation to come.


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