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My resignation as National Advisory Council President was rejected by Fru Ndi

My resignation as National Advisory Council President was rejected by Fru Ndi


he National Advisory Council of the SDF held a meeting on February 13, 2006 at the Centre Provincial Secretariat of the Party in Yaounde. I am reproducing herewith in English and French for your information, a Press Statement which was made after the meeting to inform SDF militants and the public about what transpired at that meeting.

I seize this opportunity to add to the second paragraph of the press statement that my resignation from the post of President of the National Advisory Council in 2003 was rejected by the National Chairman in the presence of Hon. Mbah Ndam. On that same occasion the National Chairman asked me to convene a meeting of Council on May 31 2003. He attended that meeting at which the minutes were taken by Mr Aloysius Tebo, although he later on went to court in the case against the former SG Prof. Asonganyi and lied to the court that I had resigned as President of Council. Members of Council today have tghe minuted which Mr. Teb o himself took at the meeting of the Advisory Council of May 31 2003 which was also attended by Barrister Luke Sendze of Bamenda, who participated at the Council meeting of February 13 2006. I remember that one Cameroonian musician once sang that lies do not have long legs. If this statement is anything to go by it means that lies cannot go very far. I want Messrs. Ni John Fru Ndi, Mbah Ndam and Tebo, who know better than most people in the SDF that I am still President of the National Advisory Council but do not want to speak the truth to remember that Jesus said the truth shall make you free and then to try to reflect on what the contrary of the truth is capable of doing to those who harbour lies in their hearts. We will never be able to build Cameroon on lies. It is most unfortunate that these kinds of lies are today the stock-in-trade in the SDF.


The National Advisory Council of the Social Democratic Front (SDF) Party held a meeting in Yaounde on February 13, 2006, under the chairmanship of its President, Hon. Prof. NGWASIRI NFORTI Clement.

At the beginning of the said meeting Hon. Prof. Ngwasiri presented to members of Council a letter which he had received from Mr. John Fru Ndi, National Chairman of the SDF stating that Hon. Prof. Ngwasiri, President of the National Advisory Council had resigned from his post on May 12, 2003 and invited Hon. Prof. Ngwasiri to transmit to him, for the attention of NEC, any complaints or concerns that he might have received from members of the Party. Notwithstanding the impression given by the National Chairman that Hon. Prof. Ngwasiri had resigned, we the members of the National Advisory Council in attendance at the above meeting are aware that Mr. John F ru Ndi, had refused the resignation of Hon. Prof. Ngwasiri and at the same time instructed him to himself convene the next meetingof Council for May 31, 2003. On May 15, 2003, Hon. Prof. Ngwasiri did convene Council and himself chaired that meeting which held on May 31, 2003 and which was attended by Mr. Fru Ndi himself among other members of Council. Even if Hon. Prof. Ngwasiri had resigned, as Mr. Fru Ndi claims, five members of Council could still have convened its meeting under section 11(5)(c)of the SDF consitution. We also note, with regret, that in his letter, Mr. Fru asked that a memorandum, which had been addressed by Party officials and militants to the Advisory Council, which is the number two organ of the Party after convention, be submitted to NEC, which is an inferior organ to Council.

In accordance with section 11(5) of the SDF constitution relating to the powers of Council, the meeting discussed the burning problems that the Party is facing a t the present time as well as the challenges it has to address in order to ensure the success not only of the next elective convention of the Party but also of the 2007 national elections.

The attention of Council was drawn to some of these problems in a memorandum addressed to it by officials and militants of the SDF Party.

After dwelling at length on :

- The burning issues raised in the memorandum ;

- The controversies over the organisation of the next convention of the Party which is an elective convention ;

- The recent resignation of the interim Secretary General of the Party which highlights the conflicts in the National Execuive Committee of the Party ;

- The deplorable financial situation of the Party ;

- Repeated violations of the fundamental principles of democracy on which the constitution of the Party is based and which have been prepetrated by the current NEC, whose mandate of four years expired since April 2003, that is, three years of prorogation ;

The National Advisory Council, in exercise of its role of ensuring checks and balances in accordance with section 11(5) of the SDF constitution, especially subsection (d), which states that Council « shall ensure conformity to the fundamental principles and options of the Party »,

Draws the following conclusions :

(1) The current NEC has deliberately refused to respect the duration of its mandate under section 18(1) of the constitution which states that « all national and provincial officers of the Party shall hold office for a period of four (4) years unless re-elected by the appropriate Party conference or convention », by refusing to organise an elective convention for three years.

(2) Although it has far exceeded its mandate, the current NEC has emperilled the life of the Party by trampling upon the fundamental principles of democracy on which the Party stands.

In consequenc e, the National Advisory Council has decided to:

(1) Take over the convening and organisation of the next elective convention of the Party;

(2) Convene the said convention on May 26, 2006 in Yaounde, the national heaquarters, and which is baptised « the rennaissance convention » ;

(3) Propose to the next convention the creation of a Political Ethics Committee, which will ensure the respect of the fundamental principles of democracy and the constitution of the Party ;

(4) Create the following management committees :

(a) Finance Committee : it will put in place a strategy to raise funds in order to ensure the proper organisation of the convention ;

(b) Convention Committee : Under the control of the Advisory Council (excluding members contesting election into NEC), it will ensure the proper preparation of the convention, receive candidatures and computerise the internal electoral registers of the Party.

(5) Hold its next m eeting on March 4, 2006, to appoint the SDF members of the Bureau of the National Assembly, members of Parliamentary Committees as well as the members of the two committees created above.

The National Advisory Council solemnly calls for the support of the militants and sympathisers of the SDF Party to ensure the success of this patriotic move which is designed to put the Party back on the rails.

Done in Yaounde on February 13, 2006.

Hon. Prof. NGWASIRI NFORTI Clement,

President of the National Advisory Council.


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