Sunday, March 19, 2006

US Ambassador returns to Yaounde with plethora of problems seeking for solutions

The United States Ambassador to Cameroon His Excellency Niels Marquardt has ended a three day working visit to the South West Province after listening to a plethora of problems seeking for solutions.

During the visit that commenced with courtesy calls on South West Governor Eyeya Zanga Louis, Chief E.M. L. Endeley and the Vice Chancellor of the University of Buea a number of pertinent issues were discussed ranging from bilateral cooporation to the State of affairs in the institutions visited.

His Excellency Niels Marquardt was also at the American Corner at the University of Buea where he had first had information on the operations of the Corner since it was inaugurated by his predecessor.

Before getting into the real business of the day, he took time off to undertake a tour of some painting exhibition of the American Black history at the Lobby of the main University Library.

The visit that started on February 28, entered its high gear on Wednesday March 1, with an extremely busy and brain racking day at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Mutengene.

Inside CDC

At the CBC Health Services Complex where CDC is accommodated, several papers were presented by specialists Medics on health isues.

Some of the papers presented included an overview of CDC-Cameroon by the Country Director Dr. Pratima Raghunathan, Epidemiology studies/section overview by Dr. Jembia Mosoko who is Epidemiology Section Chief.

Dr. Mireille Kalou a Laboratory Section Chief presented a paper on building Laboratory capacity and the Associate Director of Operations William Comeaux made a fine presentation on plans for facilities and personnel at the Center.

Their academic exposés were rich in content and very moving as some of the presentations touched on the dreaded pandemic HIV/AIDS and Malaria which remains the world’s deadly disease.

Lastly, the Director of CDC Health Services, Professor Pius Tih in a nutshell gave a brief history of his institution while expressing immense thanks to the United States Embassy, the Ministry of Public Health, Aware, Bread for the world and many others for the wonderful assistance to sustain the Center.

He like many others posed plethora of teething problems that were still holding the Center from its complete “emancipation”. He said they needed money, and real money to pay staff, improve on their structures, carryout research work and a lot more.

US Ambassador Response

After listening with keen interest the US Ambassador His Excellency Niels Marquardt expressed satisfaction at the various presentations and promised to look into the problems with time.

He said the American government was very concerned about the wellbeing of the people, adding that more assistance was inevitable.

He praised the indefatigable effort of the authorities for their achievements so far and promised to work hands in glove to ensure continuity and more progress.

Guided Tour

After a guided tour of the institutions, the Ambassador had a difficult moment at the CBC Hospital were over 30 AIDS infected persons were presented to him. The infected persons sang moving melodies and even presented gifts to the august visitor.

Here again the infected AIDS persons appealed to the Ambassador to assist them as they were suffering a lot with not enough money to acquire drugs and feed themselves.

At the Limbe Provincial Hospital

A lecture on HIV/AIDS and other related health problems was very eloquently presented by Dr. Akam after a brief introduction by the hospital Director Dr. Thompson Kinge.

He was also taken round the hospital were he saw some AIDS patients and the Laboratory from were they are counsel and tested. Like Oliver Twist, Dr. Kinge also presented a number of financial problems while appreciating the enormous assistance already from the Ministry of Public Health and some other friendly institutions.


The last of the Ambassador’s visit ended on Thursday after a visit to SONARA and the Limbe Primate Center (ZOO) before departure to Yaounde.

Some of the high personalities from the Embassy who accompanied the Ambassador included the Cultural Affairs Officer Noelle Wright-Young, Assistant Cultural Affairs Officer Yaah Gladys Viban, amongst others.


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